Hilarious Moment, General Mosquito Adds Figures in Court.

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Chronicles of An Arsenal Fan

It’s been ages since Arsenal last won a league game, when you look at the EPL table you would strangely not find Arsenal in the Top half but surprisingly close to the drop in 15th place. A new season which started so well is now going the opposite way.  Last time out we were beaten by Burnley which was a shock, they manage just one shot on target which was saved but still managed to win 1-0. Arsenal currently lack creativity which once upon a Wenger,creativity was our best weapon and shipping in needless goals was our trademark. Now is the complete opposite. 
Next up is Southampton who are flying at the moment,strangely they occupy a position normally should be Arsenal but now it seems we have interchanged positions on the table.
Southampton come into the game with very good form,they have lost just once in ten games beating Chelsea,Everton,Aston Villa and Wolves with a goal diff of plus 7. The sad part is we come into the game with very bad form,loosing 4 of our last 5 games and scoring only one goal. Still loyal supporters believe things will change for the better but until we start creating and scoring goals and winning matches in the EPL,it’s going to be a long long season.

One thing remains every Gunner today will wish,pray,hope the boys play better today and win. We hope for the best but expect the worst today. COYG.

I’m an arsenal fun and have been supporting them since 1995. A team I will support no matter what.